The honorable Dr. Frangible has been dispensing his sort of medicine for over forty years from sea to shining sea. He has traveled the world several times and is completely fluent in English although he claims to speak several different languages, all of them foreign.

The benefits of his miracle elixir "Dr. Frangible's Electric Lumberjack Juice" has been touted as a "liquid of the Gods" by medicine men in small remote tribes of unknown parts of the world where they are still struggling with the concept of fire.

Dr. Frangible has studied magic with the likes of Dai Vernon, Cardini, and Ching Ling Foo, although they all deny they have ever met him.

In his show, Dr. Frangible touts his miracle elixir with a series of demonstrations attempting to convince the audience of it's many uses. Among them it's ability to allow you to lose so much weight, as Dr. Frangible demonstrates, you can levitate. It's powers to protect your internal organs wherein he swallows and regurgitates razorblades, and it's ability to allow you to read someones mind and see into the future. These are but a few of the demonstrations he presents in his show.